Sri Sakthi Textiles Ltd

Being part of this prestigious business house, Sri Sakthi Textiles has many firsts to its credit. Incorporated in the year 1957, Sri Sakthi Textiles was the first manufacturing unit of the Sakthi Group. Sri Sakthi Textiles also happens to be the first company to use the name Sakthi. With the phenomenal success and tremendous market leadership of Sri Sakthi Textiles The Sakthi Group witnessed a dramatic transformation. It firmly entrenched the Group with the optimism to expand its sphere of operation in the manufacturing arena which eventually paved way for further diversifications and formation of new ventures of the group.

With five decades of leadership, Sri Sakthi Textiles envisions an active role in the growing global demand for quality yarn by optimizing its production processes and incorporating efficient supply chain management system.

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